Fight for Diversity: Join, Donate to Commission on the Status of Minorities

CSM lobbies for multiculturalism in media, academia & AEJMC

CSM’s fight for diversity takes time, money and membership!

AEJMC’s Commission on the Status of Minorities (CSM or CSMN) has significantly increased its lobbying for historically underrepresented groups as a watchdog on
industry (i.e., groundbreaking survey of diversity in magazine employment), expanding commission Web and social-media presence to call attention to issues of multiculturalism, pushing AEJMC organization-wide to protect and advance the interests of minorities plus elevate the profile of minority-group members, and much more. (See the list below.)

We at the commission need your support to continue and keep expanding our efforts. Please renew your annual membership with AEJMC & CSM today ($10 for faculty, $5 for graduate students), and consider a specific donation to CSM; your gift of $25, $50, $100 or any amount will greatly assist the commission in its work. Download a commission flier to email to friends.

To give to CSM, write a check to AEJMC, “CSM donation” in the subject line & send to:
234 Outlet Pointe Blvd.
Columbia, SC 29210-5667

Click to, then click on “Join/Renew Membership” (
form/) to add a year to your service in the organization as well as to pay the CSM dues.

You also may give to the commission via credit card. Be sure to use the giving form’s write-in area to put “CSM donation” and select any amount.

Here are some of CSM’s achievements in the past 12 months:

– Funding new media to bring attention to challenges and successes in multiculturalism (see our new Twitter with 230 members, revamped Facebook with 130 likes, and new website at
– Gaining approval, funding & conducting first-ever survey on magazine minority hiring and interns
– Posting increase in commission membership second year in a row, even as AEJMC overall decreases (CSM is up 14% from 2016, 49% from 2015)
– Expanding CSM’s new diversity-experts database for use by students, faculty, administrators and media, including links to videos, research and emails
– Successfully lobbying AEJMC for funding for diversity initiatives and to select speakers from the historically underrepresented
– Getting CSM events scheduled earlier in the 2017 conference to heighten the profile for multiculturalism and the commission organization-wide
– Reaching out to professional media to encourage hiring and promotion of racial minorities
– Seeking out HBCU and HSI officials and more greatly including them
– Holding sessions on employing diverse professional & academic workforces
– Encouraging graduate students’ participation and activism by naming the first-ever graduate student coordinator and cutting grads’ dues
– Speaking into presidential and organization-wide letters on a wide variety
of journalism & mass communication topics
– Helping stop AEJMC initiatives curtailing diversity monitoring
– Increasing commission conference presence through co-sponsoring panels
– Publishing two newsletters annually for the first time in several years

Make sure the diversity fight continues – join and give to CSM today!