CSM members elected to AEJMC-wide offices

Dr. Cristina Azocar, new AEJMC accrediting council representative

The Commission on the Status of Minorities urged its ranks to vote in the AEJMC election, and it worked, as two of its members won organization-wide offices.

Cristina Azocar of San Francisco State took the race for accrediting council representative. She came back from a close defeat in running last year. Now, she will play an important role in deciding on those standards & practices now esteemed more highly than ever.

“Thank you for your support!” she said.

Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez, elected to AEJMC PF & R Committee

Mia Moody-Ramirez of Baylor University won a seat on the Committee on Professional Freedom and Responsibility. She worked in professional journalism for a number of years and has done many studies on news depiction of top issues with regard to color. Moody-Ramirez also will be head of the Minorities and Communication Division for 2017-2018.

Both these ladies have strong experience in the areas in which they will work and will put forth well the interests of the historically underrepresented, said CSM Chairman Kyle Huckins.