CSM joins with CSW and CoFA for panel on women & academic advancement

CSM is excited to join with the Council of Affiliates and Commission on Status of Women in sponsoring “It’s Always Something: Success vs. Likeability for Women,” a panel at the 2017 AEJMC convention in Chicago.equality-1245578_960_720

In this panel, a distinguished group of women in academia will discuss the challenges faced as junior faculty members, tenured professors, department chairs and deans as they maneuver through the world of higher education. They will provide advice on how to succeed in academia while maintaining authenticity and voice, whether one has leadership aspirations or simply wants to learn how to speak out about important issues in a school without getting penalized.

The commission historically has not cosponsored slots due to limitations in the organization-wide constitution, but CSM will aid in publicity and supplying panelists rather than using a programming chip; for example, Commission Chairman Kyle Huckins nominated Vice Chairwoman Marquita Smith to serve, and she will be on the panel.

“This is a crucially important subject to the historically underrepresented,” Huckins said. “About two-thirds of minority graduate students and faculty are female, so if they don’t succeed, the proportion of black, Latino and other academicians of color will fall from its already-low perch.”

CSM will retain its stand-alone session and business meeting per usual, too.