Barrow Award 2013

Wilson receives Barrow Award 2013

By Curtis Lawrence

(Posted in 2013) – Howard University’s Dr. Clint Wilson II will be presented with the Lionel C. Barrow Jr. Award in this year’s annual meeting of AEJMC for his distinguished achievement in diversity research and education.

Dr. Wilson is the author of three books on the Black press, including completing and co-authoring the late Armistead Pride’s unfinished book, A History of the Black Press, published in 1997 and named one of the 20th century’s 35 most significant books by Journalism and Mass Communications Quarterly. His articles on diversity and media have been published in Quill, The Columbia Journalism Review, The American Editor, Community College Journalist, Journalism Educator, and the Oxford Form on Public Policy Online.

If there’s any question about the significance of Dr. Wilson receiving this award on his home turf, Felix Gutierrez, a past Barrow Award winner himself, summed it up in his nomination letter to the Barrow award committee.

“The nation’s capital is home to Howard University, where both Dr. Barrow and Dr. Wilson accomplished much of their work in advancing diversity in journalism and mass communication,” Gutierrez wrote. “Dr. Barrow was especially close to Clint. A few years before his death Lee posted a message on the MAC list serve saying he considered Clint as a son.”

Past Winners of the Lionel C. Barrow Jr. Award for Distinguished Achievement in Diversity Research and Education:

2009 – Paula Poindexter, University of Texas at Austin
2010 – Robert Ruggles, Florida A&M University
2011 – Felix Gutierrez, University of Southern California
2012 – Federico Subervi, Texas State University — San Marcos