2017 Barrow Award applications submitted

Nominations (including self-nominations) have closed and are now in the process of judging for the Lionel C. Barrow Jr. Award for Distinguished Achievement in Diversity Research and Education. The deadline was April 1, 2017, and a winner is expected by June 1.

This award, which AEJMC’s Commission on the Status of Minorities jointly sponsors with the Minorities & Communication Division, recognizes outstanding individual accomplishment and leadership in diversity efforts for underrepresented groups by race and ethnicity, in journalism and mass communication. The nominee should be a JMC educator with a long record of diversity-related work, but does not have to be an AEJMC member at the time of application; self-nominations are welcome. A monetary award accompanies this prize, and the winner will receive a complimentary, one-year membership to the overall organization. The award will be presented during the AEJMC Business Meeting at the annual conference in Chicago by the heads of CSM & MAC.

The late Dr. Lionel (Lee) C. Barrow Jr., namesake of the Barrow Award
Nominees will be judged by their outstanding contributions in ONE of the three following areas: (1) a sustained record over time of publication on racial and ethnic minorities in journalism and mass communication; and/or (2) a sustained record over time of contribution to teaching and service of racial and ethnic minorities in journalism and mass communication; and/or (3) the publication of an impactful book on racial and ethnic minorities in journalism and mass communication.

Nomination packets should contain the following:

•  a letter from an AEJMC member on letterhead naming the specific area of the contribution (see above) and then describing in detail the candidate’s contributions to diversity in that area, and one additional letter of support from a colleague (on or off campus) who is also an AEJMC member.  All nominees, including those who are self-nominated, will provide a total of two (2) letters;
•  the nominee’s personal statement (350 words);
•  a three-page CV outlining information pertinent to the nomination;
•  additional materials might include (but are not limited to) abstracts of research findings, professional papers and published articles (no more than five total), text of a speech delivered or prepared for delivery, course outlines, innovative teaching tools, teaching evaluations and citations or other recognition pertaining to the nominee. 
The late Dr. Lionel (Lee) C. Barrow Jr. was a longtime AEJMC member who in 1968 pioneered and founded the Ad Hoc Committee on Minority Education in an effort to recruit, train and place minorities in communications. In 1970, he started and became the acting head of the MAC Division. Remember to apply for the 2018 Barrow Award!